Elevating Leadership, Empowering Teams

With a deep-rooted passion for cultivating leadership talent and improving team dynamics, my journey is driven by a commitment to aligning knowledge, influence and emotional intelligence.

My name is Alica Trizma, and I specialize in guiding emerging and seasoned leaders through modern organizational complexity. I focus not only on developing individuals, but also on building high-performing teams that are equipped for sustainable collaboration and success.

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A Journey Through Cultures and Industries

My professional path has taken me through different landscapes – from the hotel corridors in Germany to the digital transformation initiatives of multinational companies and market entries in Eastern Europe. With a Master’s degree in Economics from a university in Slovakia and a further degree in Business Administration in Germany, I laid the foundation for a career that spans multiple industries, including automotive, engineering, ICT, packaging, FMCG and more.

The core of my philosophy is the belief that people are the heart of successful teams and organizations. This belief has led me to focus development on strengths, accountabilities and responsibilities, and to turn operational challenges into growth opportunities.

Tailored Solutions for Global Challenges

My expertise is most evident in addressing the unique challenges faced by international and global organizations. Whether it’s improving a customer service operation to meet quality expectations abroad or aligning a sales force with global strategies, my approach is holistic and people-focused. I provide clear, transparent communication tailored to enhance global leadership capabilities, drive change management initiatives, and promote cross-cultural understanding in international teams.

Bridging Cultures with Intercultural Competence

A cornerstone of my expertise is my role as a bridge builder between German-speaking and Eastern European cultures. This is not only about language skills, but also about a deep understanding of the differences and similarities in the leadership and work cultures of these regions. You will gain unparalleled access to my ability to optimize interactions between cultures. This cross-cultural expertise ensures that strategies, leadership and team development are not only effective, but also deeply resonant and culturally aligned. This makes me your indispensable partner in driving global business success.

Why Partner with Me?

Choosing to partner with me gives you access to:

  • Global leadership and team development: developing skills and knowledge for leaders and teams to excel in their roles and navigate international environments with confidence.
  • Change management: Implement structural changes in local subsidiaries and shared services organizations to optimize processes and align with global goals.
  • Systematic development: Offering training, coaching, mentoring and workshops tailored to improve leadership skills, team dynamics and intercultural communication.


Excited to connect with you! Let’s start a project to fine-tune your leadership skills and drive your team toward success. Get in touch, and let’s make it happen!

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