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With more than 25 years of extensive experience, I am on a mission to elevate leaders, unite teams and strengthen international businesses.

Accelerate Leadership and Team Success


Leadership Development

With a focus on practical skills and strategic insights, you will develop your leadership skills and maximize your potential. Get ready to lead with confidence, improve your decision making and inspire your team to new heights of performance. 

Team Optimization

Strengthen the dynamics of your team, bring local teams together as one team and increase overall performance through focused scaling measures. Turn everyday challenges into opportunities for success through effective communication and collaboration.

Cross-Cultural Competence

Improve your leadership effectiveness and drive team collaboration across cultural boundaries with a specialised intercultural competence programme. Go beyond preparation and ensure your expatriates are fully supported to make their assignment a success.

Customer-Centric Organization

Transform your organization by putting the customer at the very centre of every decision. Develop and implement your own practical strategies to create a customer-centric culture that drives customer loyalty and satisfaction and drives your business forward.

Sales Excellence

Maximize your sales performance with tailor-made solutions. Improve your sales process from lead generation to deal closure and achieve your goals with effective tools and a transparent sales organization across international business units. 

Industry Expertise

Here is a snapshot of my industry experience, but client confidentiality and trust is a priority, so not everything is shared. Curious to find out more? I’d love to chat about your business!

I was struggling with recent company developments and could not identify with the changes I was being asked to make in my sales unit. The Personalized Leadership Development was a transformational experience. It provided me with customized insights and strategies that significantly improved my leadership effectiveness. Highly recommended for leaders at any stage of their career. If you need a sparring partner who communicates clearly and always has your best interests at heart, Alica is your best bet.
Jürgen D.
Sales Director, Frankfurt (Germany)

Successful Intercultural Communication

Mastering Interactions Across Borders

Become a confident and culturally competent communicator. Master the art of cross-cultural communication and navigate global interactions with ease. 

Designed for managers, team leaders, HR professionals, students, and community influencers, this course empowers you to excel across borders. 

Limited-time Deal: Contact me for limited-time access to the online course!

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I look forward to teaming up with you, helping you develop your leadership skills, and empowering your team to reach the goals! Feel free to reach out, and let’s kickstart something amazing together!

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